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Will Smith, aka Willard Christopher Smith Jr., was born September 25, 1968. He was born and raised in West Philadlphia, as many may remember from his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air themesong: “In West Philadelphia born and raised…” His mother was a Philidelphia school administrator and his father was a refrigeration engineer.

Will Smith has been in the hip hop music game for longer than most. He started back in the mid-eighties, as an MC. With his friend, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey A. Townes), they formed the group, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. The music was radio-friendly and everyone loved singing along with their raps. “Parents Just Don’t Understand” was one of their biggest hits and scored the duo a Grammy in 1989. It was the first ever Grammy for Best Rap performance!

As the money started rolling in, Will Smith, began spending it wildly. He purchased cars, houses and jewelry. He was spending the money as quickly as he was making it. By the time he was in his early twenties, this hip hop music star was nearly bankrupt.

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