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Our story begins on April 29, 1970, when Uma Thurman was born, the daughter of Nena Birgitte Caroline von Schlebrugge, a Swedish fashion model, and Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman, a scholar and professor at Columbia University of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies and the first westerner to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Uma was raised Buddhist (though she is now agnostic), spending time in Almora, India as a child while growing up primarily in Amherst, Massachusetts and Woodstock, New York. Believe it or not, Uma was an awkward and introverted girl who was teased for her tall frame, angular bone structure, unusual name and size 11 feet (which Quentin Tarantino would capture quite memorably in Kill Bill Vol. 1). She also suffered bouts of body dysmorphic disorder.

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